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We are looking for caregivers in the following locations
June 13-15
Amelia Island FL
Pigeon Forge TN
Myrtle Beach SC
Savannah GA
Pensacola FL
Birmingham AL
Greensboro NC
Jekyll Island FL
Hilton Head SC
Marco Island FL
Duck Key FL

June 20-22
Adairsville GA
Hilton Head SC
Pensacola FL
Myrtle Beach SC
Jekyll Island GA
Birmingham AL
Buford GA
Baltimore MD
Clayton NY
Long Branch NJ
Cape May NJ
Leesburg VA

Some important info to know before applying

Please dress comfortably but appropriate. Jeans are fine but no holes, tears, etc. Tennis shoes are preferred. A casual shirt but not revealing and no tank tops. 

When we arrive at the hotel we will set up the child care rooms. We will divide the children by ages. In the rooms we will have toys, arts, crafts, games, doll houses, cars, puzzles, books, etc. Please also be prepared to entertain the children with games of Bingo, Simon Says, or whatever the situation calls for. 

We will need to cover all electrical outlets with labels or tape. Please look over the room and remove any safety issues. Be mindful of the floor. Sometimes there have been business conventions in the rooms. Therefor there may be staples, paper clips, etc on the floor. Please pick them up before the children arrive.

Always arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will give you a chance to find the room, put on a name tag and be placed in your assigned room.

Please leave purses locked in your car or room. If you must bring them please hide them away from the children.

We will try to allow you to work with the age you are most comfortable. 

Children are NOT allowed to leave the room without one of our caregivers at any time!! We must walk them to the bathroom. Please notify other caregivers in the room when you are taking children to the bathroom. 
PLEASE be sure to fill out restroom log when taking children to the restroom for military jobs.

No talking or texting on cell phones. 

Our jobs are sometimes for the US Military so please keep their security in mind. Do not tell people where you are working or that you are going to be caring for Military children. It should not be publicized. 

Please be engaged with the children at all times. Remember they are there on vacation but are with us, complete strangers. Some may cry and need some extra attention. Also remember that their families may have just come back together after a deployment or their family may be getting ready to be broken up by one. Your understanding and kindness will mean a lot to them. 

I will have several of my normal staff onsite. Some in each room. Please ask any questions that you need to. They will show you all the crafts and how they are done. 

Please do not leave the room at any time without speaking to the lead staff member first. 

Each child will be signed in by a parent and receive a name tag. Please help ensure they keep their tags on. If you are in the infant room please help make sure all diaper bags, pacis, etc. are labeled as well. 

Military Jobs: Each child will have a child session report. These are tedious but required. We have to keep a written record of diaper changes, feedings, naps, etc.

If at any time an accident or illness occurs please be sure it is written in the session report. Also text a picture of that form to me for our records. 
Parents ID’s must be checked at sign in and sign out. Please refer to the rosters, sign in sheets, or child session reports for parents names.  

All child care providers must have a photo ID and CPR card (if certified) readily available while working an event. 

All child care providers must wear a name tag. You may use one of the labels we provide for the children.

Please be sure to keep all doors closed in the child care rooms. One of our #1 issues continues to be children getting out of the rooms especially when parents are coming in and out. Be sure to watch the doors at all times. Also place chairs in front of the doors so children cannot simply walk out. Unfortunately we cannot lock the doors or put alarms on them since they are commercial hotel doors so try to barricade them with chairs the best you can. 

If you are working an out of town event at least 1.5 hours from home, we will provide lodging for you. We will try to lodge you with familiar providers however sometimes you may have to room with another provider.  We will also reimburse your gas and food. Please understand that we have to bid these events in order to win them. The more we win the more we all work. We have to guess how much expenses will be in advance so we can bid the jobs. Please be mindful of your expenses. No food expense over $25 per day will be reimbursed. Try to eat at the lodging hotels if it is provided. Try to pack snacks, drinks, etc from home if possible. No alcohol will be reimbursed. Please be respectful of your expenses. Reimbursement does not constitute trips to Ruth Chris:)  As far as gas, you should keep track of exactly what you spent while traveling to the job and back home. You should not fill up your tank a mile from home and turn that in also. Yes this has happened in the past:) We do not pay mileage, gas only.  For food and gas keep your receipt in case we need them for verification. 

Child care providers must arrive on time           
Child care providers must  dress appropriately             
No exposed tattoos, piercings, not dressed in previous jobs uniform. Facial piercings must be removed.             
Child care providers are not allowed to bring their children during any time of the program             
No eating off of the children’s buffet, snacks, etc.              
All child care providers must be in the room with the children, not out in the hall texting or on their phone              
Child care providers must escort children to the restrooms – young boys should not go into men’s restroom            
Child care providers must check-in all children and have parents sign them in / out and show ID

June Events 
June 13     3-6pm
June 14     9-11am
June 15     6-10pm
June 20     3-6pm
June 21     9-11am
June 22    6-10pm

Additional hours may arise. 

We have events all over the US from coast to coast. If you are placed on a job that is one that will require flying you will need to leave a day in advance. the 12th and 19th.  You will not be home till the 16  and 23 . We will pay for flights, baggage, and transportation of some sort. Please note: if a rental car is required that is not something we can reserve as only the driver can pay. You would have to rent the car in tour name and one your card and we can immediately reimburse you. Unfortunately there is no way around this.

I am attaching a contractors form. I normally pay by direct deposit and this is the fastest method. The June jobs pay immediately which will usually be within a few days. If you do not wish to give your bank info I can mail a check or pay be Venmo or Paypal.

Also be sure to indicate if you are able to fly and if you have friends or coworkers that you would like to travel with. We will do our best to accommodate. 

Please print the form and email to resortsitting@aol.com if you would like to apply. You may also text a picture of the form to 843-458-7671

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