Specializing In Military Events - Proud to be a Preferred Vendor for the US Military
Specializing in Military Events!!!

Group Child Care
Conventions, Meetings, Weddings, etc.
We offer exceptional child care for conferences, wedding parties, etc.
We provide a  minimum of 1 caregiver per 6 children, arts, crafts, and games.
We can also accomodate food and beverage needs for an additional price. Example: pizza, chicken nuggets, etc.
We come equipped like a traveling child care center. We bring arts, crafts, blocks, puzzles, books, board games, and much more. We can also accomodate infants with pack-n-plays, walkers, infant swings, bouncy seats, etc.
For the group rate your business or group would be responsible for reserving a conference room for the children. If it is for late night hours we also ask that you reserve pillows, blankets, and a television with a vcr or dvd. If this is a problem we can bring our own with advance notice.
Our service has a liability insurance policy in place and is licensed and bonded. All of our caregivers have passed extensive background checks. Most of our caregivers are employed in our local school district. They are all over 25 years of age.
We are not a staffing agency! This simply means when we come to your town to provide child care, we bring our staff with us. Does this make us more expensive? Yes, we have travel costs. However, with this scenario we can assure you of the compentency of our staff. They ARE NOT  people that have been hired over the internet. Our director knows each individual personally and professionally. Our caregivers work together every weekend.  We believe this is one asset that sets us apart from most of our competition.
We are proud to say that we have provided care for over 300 groups in Myrtle Beach. We also travel all over the US. We have been to Washington, DC, Orlando, FL, Savannah, Ga., Williamsburg, Va., Charlotte, NC., Beech Mountain, NC., Branson, MO, and many more great places.We can provide you with excellent child care for one child or 1,000 children.
We are an approved vendor for all branches of the US Military and are currently ranked the #1 on the East Coast.
What to Expect:
For the a group child care job you can expect the following:
Our caregivers will arrive at least an hour in advance on the first day of your scheduled time. They will set up a sign in table where parents will be required to sign the children in. At the time of sign in the parents will need to specify contact information as well alleriges, medical conditions, etc. for the children. The children will then receive an ID bracelet with their name. They will then escort them into the conference room where their fun will begin. We will have numerous activities set up for their enjoyment. As mentioned above, these include but are not limited to arts, crafts, board games, puzzles, doll houses, dinosaur sets, car sets, train sets, books, blocks, and much more. We will also have infant equipment for the scheduled number of infants. This includes pack-n-plays, walkers, swings, bouncy seats, and much more.
Private/Vacationers Child Care
We offer child care services for private families vacationing. We have quality child care providers that can care for your child while you enjoy a night out or day of shopping or golf.
All caregivers have passed extensive background checks, are CPR certified, and are at least 25 years of age. We are licensed, bonded,and insured.
We can normally accomodate your family with a few hour notice.
What to expect:
Our caregivers will arrive at your previously scheduled time. They will present you with a ID to verify they are with our service. You can then introduce them to your children and they will immediately begin interacting with the children to make them more comfortable. Please use this time to give the caregiver any specific instructions. Such as allergies, bed times, feeding times, etc. Also please leave written contact information in the case of an emergency.
Your caregiver will be equipped with arts, crafts, games, toys, etc. These items will play a vital roll in making your children comfortable while you depart. Your children will enjoy a fun filled day or evening in the comforts of your vacation room, house, condo. etc.
The caregivers are also trained to take your children to outdoor activities upon your instructions. They can walk them on the beach, to the pool, etc. but only with your permission.
Call (843)458-7671
or email us at
Please enjoy the following article. We were featured in the Coastal Business Magazine for the March 2010 issue. We were honored.
 Afterschool Adventure was the proud child care vendor for the Southern Legislative Conference in Charleston SC for the 2010 year.
We provided 59 hours of fun for an estimated 200 children. We met some of the most polite and well mannered children and had the times of our lives. We want to thank the State of SC for the opportunity as well as the trust they had in us for such as important event. The memories we have will last a lifetime.
Some of our staff in Charleston Sc providing Child Care for the SLC
                                                 Some of our staff:)
Ms. Joleen's big smile
Ms. Joleen enjoying one of the children on a field trip to Charlestown Landing:)
Presenting our handmade quilt to Speaker of the SC House Bobby Harrell
Presenting a quilt that was handmade by the children to Speaker of the SC House Babby Harrell.
Thank You Letter from Bobby Harrell
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